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She came into his office and closed the door behind him, just after six thirty clock. ' You've finally arrived,' he said. ' Could not the petty cash balance in the post office - not the first time, but it is now and all have been.. ' not the screen of his computer, he asks, ' Roberts' ' is the car out of the garage and parked in the usual place. ' ' there are no questions ? ' 'No. why should it be? Roberts knows better than anyone that the first and third Friday forever and a day P. and planning the audit and all it means kaktuz is that you take home, he escapes and soon. ' no comment to him. kaktuz he asked, 'Do kaktuz you see' continued to flip through columns of numbers kaktuz on the screen on your desktop. It was part of the ritual. When he finished, he looked, she was examined before him, 35, slim, dressed in expensive, as is the personal assistant of MD, black suit, a black -colored blouse with a white ribbon, the softHeavy rock to hide the knee very good legs. Regular visits to the gym was in good shape. , click to clear the screen suddenly. He saw for the first time since he entered the office. 'Show me', he kaktuz said, pointing to a chair beside the large table. sitting, put your eyes, she broke the tie at the neck and began to undo buttons. When the jacket is put aside, bowed his back and opened her black bra. Her breasts were small, sharp and hard. In return, they took each nipple and made ​​fun of his full erection. When she saw him wet his lips with his tongue, asked, 'More, ' nodded. got up, opened the zipper, and left her skirt black silk underwear french, garters and black kaktuz stockings to display. He gestured toward the table. She took a position behind him, with feet wide apart, before leaning forward to rest your forearms on the desk. kaktuz It seemed it could be cContent to see just to observe the tissue in her round ass stretched tight, but after a while, stroking the mountains and reached between her legs to explore carefully. 'Spank Me' he said. 'Help. ' took time, raising a hand, then a pause before it is fixed at a single blow. His only response was a rapid breathing and a slight movement with her ​​later in the foreground, more attractive. He made them wait again, suddenly a taste other managed, this time causing a sound that is almost a sigh of joy. In total there were six strokes, tempting, so the expectation was as interesting as the contact itself is removed. whispered. 'Am I ready now? ' nodded. return to the chair he sat with his legs spread, enhancing underwear aside to reveal the lips of the vagina shaved. The index finger of his right hand began a slow circular motion around the clitoris, while the other side dark nipples stimulated, now high in her breast tapered. From time to time kaktuz was the right hand two fingers into the opening of the dive, inspection of lubrication. In front of her, opened his zip code, relieved his penis no underwear and she started kaktuz to massage a full erection. With eyes closed, he controlled the situation through the smallest gestures that are slowed down when agitated chest and deep breathing, as more and faster than I wanted to progress. Regarding corporal punishment, which is essential for the control of arousal. The labia majora are swollen and glistening with her juices when he spoke. 'now? ' Once you nodded. He rose from his chair, knelt before him, took his penis in her hand and bowed his head. I understand that this is still only a prelude, is applied with care, teasing the tip with the tip of the tongue, lick in sensual movements of the scrotum swollen head, then open its mouth to receive the entire length of its members . He repeated this procedure for subtle variations and breaks exciting, until he put his hand on the back of the head, a sign that must be stopped before its response was too difficult to tame. They knew that the two were ready. leaned back in his chair. For a long minute, hugged each other eyes, he stroked his erect member, she caressed her clit. She broke the silence. 'Now fuck me,' moved to a couch along one wall of the office. With his hands rested on his arm that allows pet again before phase out black underwear. Then arranged on the sofa, legs apart and waited. He retired slowly, and stood over her, his penis project, done. His first record was fast, robust and kaktuz kaktuz complete, a tribute to the careful construction of the left side of her vaginal walls are creamy and responsive. Once inside, he was as contract and relax the muscles that remained there, sending small showers of the bay to the button. and thereforeexquisite pair began a half hour, using a variety of items to obtain pleasure through each opening. He was demanding cooperative. Knowing that could be repeated, he saw his own desires, as she reaches orgasm three times, first with the fingers, then with his tongue, and then by constantly rubbing his cock, wet with juice, up and down against his clitoris until she hit him with a deep pink, long wail of concentrated effort rewarded. This was overcome by 69 su, top of the penis between them in a deep breath to get behind it to keep your buttocks. Below, who beat sex with an artistic language, capturing the assembly must be in their small muscle spasms inside of her thighs. When they approached the summit, slipped his middle finger behind and anal sphincters. The effect was immediate and kaktuz explosive attack twisting compliance. kaktuz S it was his turn. He stood up and allow you to bFinal on the back of the sofa. Place a pillow under it to raise the floor and put her vulva, came forward and took her legs behind her. Massaging his penis with one hand repeatedly hit bottom with the other. 'Please, now,' he said. 'Just do it. It is not difficult. ' did not need another invitation. Driving in it, to set the point of view, he found that responded to his every move was pushing back to match the rate of penetration. From a slow start, gradually increased the pace and strength of swabbing, was accompanied to every shot him with a grunt and a Happy New Year from your groaning. Finally, I could not control. Instinctively, he pulled his entrance to the vagina and felt the impulse, when three or four times by passing a stream of your mix with its own golf until he collapsed on his body. recovered, said: 'Well,' '. Very well,' *************** home Drive, ordering his form hand liked, half turned toward him, her skirt around her thighs, knees wide apart. While driving, occasionally took the inside of his thigh stock of the race. She would be his PA six years ago, her lover in the three months. They married a year later. On the wedding night, she had agreed to keep their sex life kaktuz to the forefront of their relationship. The annual fantasy had been his idea. On each anniversary, changed the definition of the situation of fantasy for the next twelve months. The first and third Friday of sex in the office had been his choice, so they can enjoy submissive side of her nature. Soon it will decide next stage, and he had already said what I wanted: a threesome with another woman. It was an interesting newcomer to the accounts that had been to the kaktuz point that the question could be the leader. That excited her as much as he does. ----------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------------------------- If you liked kaktuz this story, e- mail pandsalhotmail. com with your comments, suggestions and requests, we will try to contain the most creative in our next post.
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